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Where are The Tam Dil Located?

Exploring the Enchanting Location and Beauty of Ṭam Dil in Mizoram

Tam Dil: A Tranquil Reservoir Amidst Mizoram’s Verdant Beauty

Nestled within the lush landscapes of Mizoram, Ṭam Dil beckons as a serene oasis. This reservoir, adorned with nature’s palette, embodies the harmony of land and water.

Where are The Ṭam Dil Located?Location and Address :

Tam Dil is located near Saitual village in Mizoram, India. Its approximate address is Tam Dil, Near Saitual Village, Mizoram, India.

  • Coordinates Latitude: 23.5757° N Longitude: 92.7790° E
  • Country: Tam Dil graces the scenic landscapes of Mizoram, India, contributing to the region’s natural beauty and ecological balance.

Dimensions and Surface Area

This tranquil reservoir boasts dimensions that capture its serene charm:

  • Maximum Length: Approximately 1.4 kilometers
  • Maximum Width: Approximately 0.3 kilometers
  • Maximum Depth: Approximately 100 meters
  • Surface Area: Approximately 30 hectares

Surface Elevation

Nestling at an elevation of approximately 770 meters (2,526 feet) above sea level, Tam Dil is a tranquil haven amidst Mizoram’s hills.


Tam Dil’s creation was driven by the Mizo folklore, which narrates the tale of a successful attempt to dam a nearby stream. Over the years, the reservoir’s significance grew as a water source for the surrounding areas.

Environmental Concerns

While Tam Dil adds to the region’s allure, it also faces concerns related to waste disposal and environmental degradation. Conservation initiatives aim to safeguard the reservoir’s natural beauty.

Transport and Landmarks

The reservoir is accessible by road from various parts of Mizoram. The serene landscapes surrounding Tam Dil offer travelers an escape into nature’s tranquility.

Tourism and Places of Interest

Nature enthusiasts and travelers seeking solace are drawn to the serene ambiance of Tam Dil. The reservoir’s scenic beauty and the surrounding landscapes captivate the curious.

Important Facts

  • Tam Dil is known as the “Lake of Mustard Plant” due to the golden mustard plants around its shores.
  • The reservoir plays a vital role in the region’s water supply and irrigation needs.
  • Ṭam Dil is not just a waterbody; it’s a cultural and ecological treasure.

Ecological Importance

Tam Dil’s waters serve as a haven for aquatic life, providing a habitat for various fish species and contributing to the region’s biodiversity.


Tam Dil isn’t just a reservoir; it’s a testament to the interplay between nature and human culture. As visitors experience its tranquil waters and lush surroundings, they become part of the story that celebrates the balance between tradition and progress. As we appreciate the significance, we also embrace the shared responsibility to preserve and nurture this natural sanctuary, ensuring that its beauty and cultural importance endure for generations to come.

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